What to see and do on the Amalfi Coast

Positano and Amalfi are the two main towns on the Amalfi Coast which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 for its natural beauty and cultural and historical importance.

What to see and do in Positano

The historical centre of Positano: Visitable only on foot, the historic centre of Positano is a colourful succession of craft workshops and souvenir shops that wind their way through the streets connecting Piazza dei Mulini to the beach. The little streets, dotted with bougainvillea, art and small fashion ateliers will enrapture you with their charming, distinctive character. You can stop and buy handmade, made-to-measure sandals or purchase a traditional Positano-style dress in cotton or linen.

The Church of Santa Maria Assunta: Towards the end of the walk through the old town centre, you will find yourself in front of a first terrace overlooking the sea, which is actually the churchyard of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, recognisable from above by its beautiful dome covered in yellow, green and blue majolica tiles.

Limoncello Experience: If you love to dive into a culinary experience, you can look for limoncello-making workshops, where they will reveal the tricks of the trade and the recipe for one of the most famous liqueurs of the Sorrento coast and the world: limoncello. Of course, limoncello is not the only product derived from the famous lemon typical of this area (called ‘lo sfusato’): you will also find gelato, granita, preserves and other typical organic products.

Marina Grande and Fornillo beach: Your walk in Positano ends with a wonderful sea view offered by the characteristic village of Marina Grande. Being here at sunset is an unforgettable experience. Between the aromas of the restaurants and the sound of the waves caressing the beach, you can enjoy a great aperitif, a stroll along the promenade and end with a romantic dinner.

What to see and do in Amalfi

The historical centre of Amalfi: Entering through the alleyway from the Harbour (known as “La Sandala”) of this ancient maritime town, the walk through Amalfi’s historic centre begins, full of characteristic alleys with craft shops, souvenir shops and places where you can enjoy a granita or a lemon ice cream and visit the main attractions.

Ancient Arsenal of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi This maritime museum on Amalfi’s naval history preserves statues, documents and artefacts in a spectacular location.

Amalfi Cathedral and the Paradise Cloister: One of the most beautiful architectural constructions in Amalfi is the Cathedral of Sant’ Andrea with its three-nave façade in Gothic and Baroque style, which is preceded by a spectacular stairway leading to the Piazza del Municipio: one of the most photographed places in town. We recommend a visit to the Cathedral and the Paradise Cloister inside it. The cloister is a four-sided portico with cross vaults, pointed arches, small columns and intertwined arches of Moorish influence. It was a cemetery with six frescoed chapels belonging to noble Amalfi families.

Amalfi Paper Museum: Amalfi handmade paper is a precious paper that used to be produced right here in the Valle dei Mulini area. Harnessing the power of the natural springs, close to the river, there once used to be many paper mills that operated their machinery using this water to produce paper by hand. In memory of this historical craftsmanship, the paper museum has been established, an exciting journey through production techniques, where you can also create and roll out your own sheet of Amalfi paper using ancient techniques.

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