What to see and do on Ischia and Procida

Ischia and Procida are two islands in the Gulf of Naples, famous for their beaches, hot springs and beautiful landscapes. 

What to see and do on Ischia

Ischia Porto: the beating heart of the island, Ischia Porto is a place to stroll around at all hours of the day and night. Between hotels, restaurants, luxury or souvenir shops, and nightlife venues, it is a bustling place that is always full of people.

Aragonese Castle: A medieval fortress built on a small island connected to Ischia by a bridge. The Aragonese Castle is not only an icon of the island of Ischia, it also encompasses more than 25 centuries of history. Exhibitions, events and concerts are held here every year, as well as special guided tours.

Thermal Spas on Ischia: Thermal springs and wellness centres where you can relax. Ischia is the island of wellness, which is also why it is known as ‘the green island’. On Ischia, you can choose between several thermal spas with therapeutic properties, offering waterfalls, private beaches and pools with waters at different temperatures (up to 90°): the Poseidon Gardens, the Aphrodite Gardens, and the spas of Castiglione, Vagnitiello, Negombo and Cavascura. Even just a day in one of these places is worth it.

La Mortella Gardens: A botanical garden famous for its collection of exotic and Mediterranean plants created by Susana Walton in 1956. You can admire the aloe garden, Sir William’s rock, the Nymphaeum, the Temple of the Sun, the crocodile waterfall, the Greek Theatre, the Thai hall and the Glorieta. The gardens are open for a few days in the week and an entrance fee is charged.

Borgo Sant’Angelo: an ancient fishing village full of colourful houses perched on the mountainside overlooking a breathtaking panorama. This area of the island is quieter than the rest, and can offer peace and relaxation. There are other thermal bath areas in the surroundings, including the characteristic Cava Petrelle. Here, in fact is where the famous hard-boiled egg cooked in the sand is prepared, a phenomenon that is possible thanks to the fumaroles that reach the surface.

Spiaggia delle Monache o Varulo (Nun’s Beach or Varulo): this beach takes its name from the molluscs known as sea nuns because they resemble nuns’ veils in both shape and colour. It is an unspoilt place that is difficult to reach by land and wonderful to enjoy by sea.

What to see and do on Procida

Marina di Chiaiolella: Lively centre on the island, where you can enjoy the beach, the views and the gentle summer breeze. From here you can admire the view of Ischia and the islet of Vivara, a protected nature reserve not open to the public and connected to the island by an old bridge. Here you can stop for a cocktail or enjoy a dinner.

Terra Murata, the ancient historic centre: Procida’s ancient historic centre is a place where time just seems to stand still. To reach it, just walk along the streets of the port until you reach Piazza dei Martiri to the Belvedere dei Cannoni. Here you can visit Palazzo D’Avalos, a former royal palace and prison (the guided tour takes about an hour).

La Corricella, fishing village: This characteristic fishing village on the island is a place of colour and romance. It is no coincidence that it was chosen as a set for commercials of famous brands (such as Dolce & Gabbana) or the famous Italian film ‘Il Postino’.

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