Where to eat on Ischia and Procida

From the inevitable seafront restaurants where you can enjoy tasty fish, to gourmet recipes faithful to the local cuisine.

Michelin-starred Restaurants:


Danì Maison in Ischia

An old Ischian house set in a Mediterranean garden where the essence of Campana’s traditions is combined with modern technique and inventiveness. Chef Nino Di Costanzo’s restaurant boasts two Michelin stars.

Via Montetignuso, 4 Ischia
T. +39 081 993190
E. info@danimaison.it

Indaco on Ischia:

Located in a small bay in the town of Lacco Ameno on Ischia, the name ‘Indaco’ [Indigo] comes from the colour the water takes on in this area during twilight. Chef Pasquale Palamaro offers an intimate and refined seafront experience.

Piazza Santa Restituta, 1 – Lacco Ameno
T. +39 081 994322
E. info@reginaisabella.it

Restaurants by the sea


On Ischia and Procida you can enjoy lunch and dinner directly on the seafront. 

On Ischia the Giardino Eden, for example, is a magical location right in front of the Aragonese Castle where you can have lunch, an aperitif or dinner: if you wish, you can opt for the ‘reef dinner’, a prestigious dinner in an exclusive and private location by the sea. Also in the bustling area of Ischia Porto you can dine by the sea at restaurants Gardenia Mare or Da Alberto a Mare, but you can also find some very lovely restaurants in the Porto Forio area. In any case, in Ischia you can eat excellent fresh fish, but don’t forget to try the typical coniglio all’ischitana (a tasty traditional recipe using rabbit and herbs) the zingara (a mouth-watering sandwich invented in Ischia Ponte) and the cornetto pastry from the historic Pasticceria Calise in Ischia Porto.

Procida is an island of fishermen. Here, fresh fish, crustaceans and anchovies, stuffed octopus or spaghetti with urchins or mantis shrimp are a delicacy. In particular, anchovies have the characteristic of being salty and the ‘lemon bread’ of Procida is known for its sweetness. Typical restaurants include La Medusa in the harbour area, Da Mariano alla Chiaiolella, Lido Vivara in the port of Marina Chiaiolella.

For lovers of books and informal situations, the Vineria Letteraria ‘L’isola di Arturo’ (Arturo’s Island ) is located at the end of the Corricella pier and offers a mix of music, books and delicious wine to accompany evenings as true intellectuals. 

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