Where to eat in Pompeii

Whether it is a stop after visiting the ruins or gourmet cuisine, Pompeii will also amaze you with its cuisine.

Michelin-starred Restaurants:


In Pompeii you will find 1 restaurant that has won the coveted Michelin star

President in Pompeii

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Not far from the ruins of Pompeii, the cuisine of the Campania region and seasonal dishes, with some interesting reinterpretations of ancient flavours from Pompeii, and allusions to exact science, offered by chef-patron Paolo Gramaglia.

Piazza Schettini 12/13, Pompeii
T. +39 0818507245
E. info@ristorantepresident.it 

Restaurants near the Ruins of Pompeii


If you are in Pompeii you probably won’t be missing out on a chance to visit the Archaeological Excavations. Near the entrance and not far from the site you will find several restaurants where you can take a lunch break, such as the informal restaurant Add’u Mimì where you can sample traditional Neapolitan dishes such as aubergine parmigiana, pizza or pasta alla genovese, and the more refined Da Cenere Museum & Bistrot restaurant, housed in a historic 19th-century residence. Pompeii is completely embedded in the culinary tradition of Campania, so try mozzarella, bruschetta, meat sauce, spaghetto e vongole, and tiramisù.

If you would like to experience the real ancient Roman life, try the Caupona restaurant, just outside the entrance of the Pompeii Archeological Site. “Caupona” in Latin means “tavern”: indeed, here you can go back in time, drinking from cups reproducing the ancient ones, admiring the frescoes on the walls, tasting the culinary delights of ancient Rome, and even wearing the robes of the senators and matrons of the Roman Empire.

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